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Ontario is one of Canada’s more urbanized provinces. As home to Hollywood North, (Toronto), it’s a great opportunity for a budding theatrical makeup artist. You can find work in Ontario’s award winning salons and beauty schools. You could also work on Hollywood productions, or in the world of theatre, after only a few months of training.


Ontario has no specific requirements for licensing as a cosmetologist, or a makeup artist. You can start work as soon as you can find it. You are required to be at least 16 years of age to work in a salon, but to work as a freelance makeup artist, you only need to build up your client base.

Ontario may not have any makeup artist licensing requirements, but it is home to some fantastic schools for cosmetology and makeup. Ontario makeup artist programs can include basic day and night or special occasion makeup, like prom and weddings. They can also include stage makeup, like body makeup and special effects, for film, broadcasting, and theatre. Every course will teach the basics of bacteriology, skin care, and hair removal. Some will even cosmetic treatments like electrolysis and permanent makeup.

Makeup Schools in Ontario

Barrie School Of Hair and Esthetics – Barrie

Aesthetics College of Canada – Barrie

Mellennia Institute of Aesthetics Inc. – Brampton

Kingston Academy of Esthetics & Natural Therapies – Kingston

Voila Institute of Hair Design – Kitchener

Britain Institute of Esthetics and Electrolysis – Mississauga

ROUGE MakeUp Art – Mississauga

Vienna Academy of Arts & Sciences – Ottawa

Academy/Academie Inc. – Pembroke

First Canada Cosmetician & Hair Design Academy – Scarborough

Cappa School of Professional Hairstyling Inc. – St. Catharines

Sudbury College of Hairstyling and Esthetics – Sudbury

Toronto School of Aesthetics – Toronto

Salon + Spa Career College – Toronto

International Aesthetic Academy – Toronto

Beauty Exchange Inc. – Toronto

Canadian Beauty College – Newmarket

Canadian Beauty College – Oshawa

Canadian Beauty College – Toronto

Canadian Beauty College – Vaughan

Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada – Etobicoke

Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada – Kleinburg

Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada – Vaughan

Gina’s School of Aesthetics & Electrolysis – Mississauga,

Gina’s School of Aesthetics & Electrolysis – Waterloo

Because Ontario has no specific licensing requirements, there are no requirements to move to Ontario and work as a makeup artist. There are also no renewal requirements. Once you are living in the province, you may find it helpful to make use of one of the many programs that can help you specialize your makeup artistry business.


The Ontario beauty industry is full of opportunity. Ontario is full of tourist stops, high end hotels, and casual salons.

You could also make yourself into a premiere movie and theatre makeup artist.

Wherever your career takes you, the right Ontario makeup school program can help you get there. Don’t be tempted to skip out on an education! Ontario’s schools can offer you apprenticeships when you graduate, a community of like-minded artists, and opportunities to grow and expand you can’t get anywhere else.

Working without a specific license gives you the opportunity to specialize however suits you best. Ontario work programs like at can help you get the most out of your career, as well as your continuing education.

Maybe you are hoping for a career pampering everyone from the top celebs, to hard-working men and women who just need to look and feel their best.

Maybe you’re looking for a career working in Hollywood North as a makeup artist to the stars.

You could even prefer starting in a department store makeup counter, helping other lovers of makeup and fashion find their look.

There are plenty of opportunities for a makeup artist in Ontario to learn exciting new skills while meeting people from all walks of life.

Other Ontario schools for nail technicians, estheticians, cosmetologists and barbers.

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