If you’re interested in becoming your own boss and want to specialize as a barber, North Dakota’s great programs can help you grow and build a rewarding career. Everything begins with choosing one of North Dakota’s schools to get your barber’s license.

North Dakota has been named the number one place for young people to live in recent years. The jobs, population, and a boom in entrepreneurial enterprises make it a great place to start a business.

How Many Hours Is Barber College & What Will I Learn?

North Dakota requires 1550 hours of training from a barber school. As part of your training hours, you will study a variety of topics. Some will be theoretical, such as the study of the scientific fundamentals of barbering, the structure of the head, face and neck, and even elementary chemistry.

Other topics will be studied in a practical environment, either with mannequins, with your barber tools, or with “customers” to practice clipping, shaving, tinting, and other care techniques you will be expected to perform as a barber. If you want to work while you study consider part-time or evening barber classes. Find the school closest to you by using our app below:


Once you’ve completed the required 1550 hours of study, you will need to present proof of age, since you’ll need to be at least 17 years old to qualify for a license. Contact the barber association for more info.

Your licensing exam comes in two parts, the written, and the practical. You must pass the exam with a 70% or higher.

If you fail, you will be required to complete 160 more hours of study before you are eligible to take the exam again. Once you’ve completed the exam, you’ll be licensed as an apprentice. Your apprenticeship lasts at least 12 months. After 12 months, you will be eligible to take the master barber licensing exam. If you do not pass with 75% or higher, you will be required to register as an apprentice for an additional six months.

Out-Of-State Barber?

To transfer your cosmetology license to South Dakota, you must prove your education and work experience is equal to or greater than what is required in South Dakota.

You must also offer proof of your high school diploma or GED. You will also need to provide an affidavit from your home state’s licensing agent. If your home state does not have equal educational requirements, you may still be eligible for reciprocity through experience. Visit North Dakota’s website for details.

Renew Your License

Once you have your license, it is your responsibility to renew every year. Barber licenses must be renewed before August 1st of each year. In order to renew, you must complete 6 hours of continuing education each year. Check with the Association’s website for courses, classes, and seminars that count toward your CE hours.

Barber Jobs

North Dakota is a great place to work. Finding your first job is as simple as finding the right website.

If you find yourself struggling to find your first barber job, one of North Dakota’s cosmetology schools can help you secure an apprenticeship and find a great job.

According to some sources, job opportunities for barbers are expected to grow by 13% in the next ten years. And with North Dakota’s reputation as a great place for young professionals and building businesses, you’re sure to find the right place to grow your talents and your clientele.

North Dakota Barber Schools

Moler Barber College of Hairstyling – Fargo

Other North Dakota schools for cosmetologists, estheticians, nail techs.

School URL: molerbarberfargo.com

Did we miss any ND barbering schools? Please contact us to let us know.