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There are a couple of good schools dedicated to teaching the barbering arts in Illinois.

Illinois’s state board has made it a requirement that those looking to become licensed barbers must first complete approximately 1500 hours of training at a board-approved school. There are many different stipulations that must be met in this particular training program such as barber history, hair cutting/styling, anatomy/physiology, hair coloring/lightening, barbershop management, state laws/rules/regulations, and much more. Enter your ZIP below to see what’s available and come to an informed decision about where you’d like to study in IL to become a professional barber.

The school that you attend will provide you with a final practical exam, which will test how well you perform certain barbering services such as shaving, hair cutting, and sanitation control. When you register to take the state license exam, you will need to provide proof that you passed your initial exam with a score of 75% or better.

To apply for the written exam, you will need to do so through Continental Testing Services link, one of the local state testing vendors. To do this, you will be required to download and read the exam instruction sheet and testing procedure guide, submit the necessary applications, attach transcripts with proof of your previous exam score, and pay a $127 exam fee (as of 2016-2017). When you application is approved, you will receive a letter and will have 60 days to schedule your exam.

The written exam is computer-based and takes around 90 minutes to complete. You will be tested on various subjects such as shaving, hair care, hair cutting/styling, infection control, facial hair design, and more. In order to receive a license, you must pass this test with a score of 75% or higher.

Once you pass this exam, you will receive an application that must be filled out and submitted within five years of completing your training and one year of passing your exam. When you receive your application and score report, both must be submitted along with any necessary fees.

Your license/certificate will expire on July 31st every year, and you will receive a renewal notification when this happens. Good luck in your new career and in starting your professional life as a barber.

All barbers need a variety of tools to perform their job. See what the essential are.

List of Schools

Illinois State Barber College – Peoria

Midwest Hair Academy – Loves Park

Check out what it was like to work as a barber in the 19th century.

illinois can be a beautiful place to study barbering
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Barber State Board IL

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****Chazap Barber College – Chicago

Cosmetology & Spa Academy – Chicago Area/Schaumburg, & Chicago Land-Crystal Lake, IL

****Larry’s Barber College – Chicago, Glendale Heights

****McCoy Barber College – Chicago

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