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There are a few great Texas schools that teach makeup artistry. Enter your ZIP below or on the cosmetology page as well to make an informed decision about the colleges where you’d like to study to become a licensed TX makeup professional.

Find out about theater makeup schools as well, though you may need to travel far to get a professional education in that.

Enter your ZIP below to see where you can train nearby to become a licensed TX makeup artist.

Salon Boutique Academy – Addison, TX

Chamak Makeup Academy – Sugarland – Chamak Makeup Academy, the 1st official makeup academy in Texas was created in 2010. We specialize in education, artist development, offer internships and love to hire our top graduates. We also have a custom blend makeup lab where students can create their own unique makeup products and create their own brand.

Houston, TX skyline
Houston, TX skyline

Information on licensing in Texas.

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Schools for Makeup Artists in the US – Schools by State

Schools for Makeup Artists in Canada

Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology – Irving, TX

Last Looks Makeup Academy – Austin

Glamour RX – Dallas

Makeup Training Academy – Dallas

Glamour Make-up and Hair Academy – Lewisville

Lubbock Cosmetology School – Lubbock

Modern Makeup Society – Houston