Hair Styling Classes For Beginners You Can Do Online At Home Or In School

great hair dressing can be done with only home or online classes
Hair styling is an important part of any professional cosmetologist’s training. But some people don’t want to take a full beauty course at a school. Instead, they want to learn just about hair cutting, coloring, and styling. That’s where specialized short-term classes that may or may not give you some accreditation come into play.

Classes for beginners can often be had at your local community center. Also, beauty colleges will often offer evening or weekend courses to those who want a short training program.

Free Online Hair Styling Courses

A great way to start finding out about all things hair is online. You can learn a lot from watching videos and following along. There is no financial risk, and you can get an idea of what you’d learn in an actual class with a teacher. That way, you know if you want to commit to a course without having to pay anything upfront.

If you are a good student and have an aptitude for hair styling, you may learn enough for your purposes just through free hairdressing courses from home. Of course, that won’t get you professional status, but you could become a skilled beginner who can work with friends and family. And, as mentioned before, you’ll have a head start with actual cosmetology training and know what you are getting into.

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Some examples of places that offer hair styling short courses and what you will learn:

  • Last Looks offers a for makeup artists. Maybe you can convince them to let you join even if you aren’t an MUA. Over a weekend,, they teach styles such as French Twist, Low Chignon and High Chignon and how to give a guy a cut. You learn technical details that give you that extra edge that makes the difference between “meh” and “wow!”
  • Aveda offers a course that trains in basic technical skills needed to execute a good haircut. Topics include hand position, body position, and cutting techniques. Without the basics, you won’t be able to do more advanced styles.
  • Shannon VanFleet on youtube has some great knowledge to share about hair and especially hair coloring. You could almost consider her an expert. Here is her playlist which includes great instructions on extensions, hair toning, troubleshooting problems that arise when dyeing, and so on. There’s a wealth of experience from a seasoned pro.
  • While it is not a complete course Shaw offers a free trial. You can get a good taste of what it is like to learn online and if it is the right fit for you. Currently, they offer four weeks for free. Surely you will know at the end of a month if you want to continue and if it is worthwhile.

So, with a little searching and experimenting, you can find out if you want to train more deeply. If all you want is a few tidbits of knowledge, you are in luck; most likely you can find what you need online and for free!