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Every art form requires talent and lot of practice, that is no different in the hair world. Sure you have been doing hair for some time now and you want to now refer to yourself as a hairdresser. This article is going to help you understand what will be expected of you in the professional hair world and what type of qualifications you will need to get there with Saskatchewan.

Hair Styling Apprenticeships in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a commission that offers apprenticeships for over 40 forms of trade across a vast variety of trades including esthetics and barbering. Saskatchewan helps you take your talent and interest to a more professional level by offering you training programmes. They also connect you with relevant employers in the industry to get you a head start in the industry. Saskatchewan takes pride in producing top-skilled workers in different fields one of which is hairdressing.

Cypress Hills, Sask.

First, one has to enter the apprentiship programme to begin to become a hairdresser. In some high schools you can start your training before you graduate.

Entrance requirements for an individual include a grade 12 transcript, with no modified or general classes which include Science or Mathematics.

The second requirement is for the individual to be able to communicate efficiently in English. If the individual is not an English speaker they need to have a benchmark Assessment of six (CLB6) (Canadian English).

What You’ll Learn

In order to complete the apprenticeship successfully the individual has to be efficient in the following skill set but not limited to:

  • Hair shaping design
  • Hair colouring and special effects
  • Chemical waving and relaxing
  • Applied sciences, safety and sanitation
  • Customer service and client retention
  • Hair styling mechanics
  • Long hair design
  • Clipper cutting techniques
  • Salon operations
  • Wig and hairpiece service
  • Career success skills and professional image
  • Retailing
  • Salon management
  • Shampooing and treating the scalp and hair

The required skill set is not limited to the styling and care of hair. It also includes skills that are required to run a successful hair business. The apprenticeship aims to equip future hairdressers with all the necessary knowledge when going into the work environment.

Other Requirements

Before the completion of the apprenticeship and the issuing of a certificate , candidates have to satisfy a few requirements.

You must complete a 1400-1500 hour pre-employment program. Training is delivered at a variety of approved public and private vocation training institutes. It’s important to know that training time is the time spent at school plus the on-the-job training hours.

Total trade time required is 3600 hours and at least 2 years in the trade.


The candidates must also complete two exams. One is written and one is practical.

The practical exam may only be taken upon the successful completion of the written exam. The practical exam will be based on the above mentioned required skill set.

After the completion of all those requirements, the candidate will then graduate successfully from the apprenticeship program. It’s a long haul and may seem like it takes forever. If you are passionate about hair and beauty it is definitely worth all the hardship.

Once you’re licensed you’ll probably already have job offers, but just in case, here is a link to saskjobs.

Saskatchewan Hairstyling Schools

Marca College – Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Avant Garde Beauty Training Specialists – Regina

MC College – Saskatoon

Elite Hairstyling & Esthetics Training Center – Moose Jaw

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