How To Do Professional Manicures At Home

it is possible to do professional nail art at home

Have you ever spent an hour or more on your nails and then smudge a nail almost right away after completing the final coat? Here’s some advice to maintain a long-lasting manicure when doing your own nails. First gather your manicure materials then…

First of All Make Sure Your Nails Are Clean

Professionals always clean your nails with nail polish remover before they start anything new; and they do so regardless of whether or not you have nail polish on them. Nail polish cleans off natural nail oils that will stop nail polish from sticking properly. So first things first, use a high quality, natural nail polish remover to quickly clean each nail. It only takes a second.

Start With a Base Coat

Base coats are specially manufactured to help polish adhere to a clean nail. If you want the best, longest-lasting nail art don’t omit this step.

Layer On a Few Thin Coats Rather Than Put on One Thick Coat

Thinner coats dry faster so there’s less risk you’ll accidentally smear the polish between coats or when brushing on the second coat. Three thin, quick applications are better than two thick ones because they dry faster, because you will have more even thickness, and because there will be less chance for bubbles to develop. While you are at it make sure each coat cover the very end or tip of your nail too – this looks better and prevents chipping. Did you know polishes with a metallic look adhere better? Yes, those little sparkly bits help the polish adhere better and possibly you can get away with two thin coats rather than three thin coats depending on the quality of the polish.

Brush On a Clear Finishing Coat

The final top or finish coat (the base coat can also be used for the finishing coat) protects all your hard work and makes your nail art last longer. Make sure to be thorough with the final coat since it will help make a nice solid hard-to-chip finish wherever it is applied.

Whatever you do allow your nails to dry thoroughly. If you don’t you might find all your work has been compromised with an inadvertent smear. Try to give it half an hour to forty-five minutes before you start picking things up. If you put your nails in cool water after that time then apply a slick hand lotion you can give then a little extra chance to survive until they are thoroughly dry. For extra points make sure to apply a new finishing coat once per day or every second day to make the nails last longer.

Voilá! Enjoy your long-lasting nail beauty!