The Model 10™ is kind of a throwback clipper — Oster made a Model 10 clipper decades ago — but with up-to-date quality and materials. You no longer need to lament the craftsmanship that once was — this hair clipper is every bit as a good as (if not better than) the first edition.

review for the oster model 10 the best barber's clipperThe Model 10™ clipper is smaller and slimmer (while the Model 76™ weighs 2.1 pounds the Model 10™ weighs 0nly 1.6 pounds) than the previous top-of-the-line Model 76, but with power to spare. The black housing is tough enough for a professional barber’s everyday use, and the top-of-the-line universal motor can keep up to constant use without overheating.

For those who already own a Oster Classic 76™ the same detachable blades can be used — no need to buy a second set.

The Oster 10 is an essential part of every serious barber’s gear. It reliably cuts through hair like a hot knife through butter — quickly and thoroughly.

Though this clipper sells for $189.99 on the Oster website it can be bought for a lot less. See the price on Amazon.

• Powerful, universal motor for heavy-duty use all day long
• Even though it’s powerful it is small, light, and agile for single-handed use without tiring you out
• It’s lighter than the previous Model 76, so easier for women to use too. How much lighter? The Model 10 weighs 1.6 lbs. while the, 76 weighs 2.1 lbs — that’s almost 25% lighter.
• Comes with one detachable #000 blade (sometimes two blades if you find a good seller!) for extra value
• Durable, hard-to-break housing for professional use
• Blade guard, lubricating oil, and cleaning brush are included so you don’t have to go off and buy them as soon as you receive the clipper
• 10 ft. electrical cord so you’re not always pulling the plug out or damaging the power cord
• Easy access on/off switch for one-handed use

• Some buyers have reported overheating – send in for an exchange if this happens to you as 95%+ of users say it runs cool
• If your order is missing the #000 blade that is supposed to come with the clipper let the sellers know!

The vast majority of buyers love this clipper. It is one of a barber’s or hair stylist’s essential tools, though it’s only one of a variety of different clippers a pro will want for different uses.

Check reviews and price on Amazon.

If you’re deciding on what blades you’re likely to need, take a look at this pdf guide.
For a lighter weight and less expensive — but also less durable and less powerful — clipper try the Wahl Professional 8500. It’s great if you don’t need a clipper that will be used all day, every day and is around 45% less expensive than the Model 10™.

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