San Diego, southern California coast

In San Diego, nail schools must follow the regulations for all nail tech schools in California if they want to be approved by the cosmetology board.

There are plenty of beauty schools in California, and most of them offer manicuring programs.

Fun fact: San Diego produces the most avocados in the USA. Avocados can be used to soothe some skin conditions.

At a minimum, schools will offer a basic nail tech course that lasts for 400 hours. Some colleges will also have the option of doing an advanced diploma that usually requires 600 hours to complete.

CA doesn’t require nail graduates to complete a continuing education course, but there is always lots of opportunity to get further educated in this always-evolving field.

Some places that train in manicuring will allow you to do some of your classes online. To find these you should check the modern chain schools like Bellus Academy or Paul Mitchell.

No matter which school you choose, you will likely touch on acrylic nails, gel nails and get classes in recognizing diseases and disorders of the nail.

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Nail Tech Schools in San Diego with Costs

San Diego City College1313 Park Blvd
San Diego 92101-4787
Manicuring Program – 400 hours
Southern California College of Barber & Beauty641 North Broadway, Escondido 920253 Months at 40 hours/week
American Beauty Institute4625 Convoy St. #A
San Diego 92111
400 hours manicuring program
Jasmine Beauty School5911 University Ave., Ste. #318-319
San Diego 92115
tuition cost: $1,775
books and supplies cost: $425
California Beauty College4328 54th Street, San Diego 92115Manicuring courses:
Basic 400 hours $1,600
Advanced 600 hours $2,000

Maybe you will learn marble nails at a San Diego nail school! If it’s not in your course or advanced course, there are lots of tutorials online.

Basically, marble nails are a style of nail art that mimics the look of marble stone. The style creates a naturally swirling pattern, often in greys, whites, and blues (the natural color of marble — think the look of a countertop or the floor in a museum).

The technique is achieved by placing drops of different colored acrylic on a disposable surface and then slightly mixing them so that the colors remain distinct. The trick is not to mix them too much or too little. Check out this youtube tutorial to get an idea of how it’s done.

You may be able to take acrylic nail classes in San Diego that will teach the technique in person.

The artistic part comes when you carefully transfer the mixed colors to your nail by using a wide nail brush. It’s easy to overmix the colors at this point, so you need to be gentle and mindful in your movements.

To get a thorough idea of what your course will be like including materials needed, classes you will take, salaries, financial considerations and so on, check out our main nail tech schools page.


Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash.