You probably already know that massage is great for your body in general, and it’s terrific if you’re feeling stressed. You may not get a massage for beauty reasons but some of its main advantages are in fact the ones that help you to look great. Once you start getting massages regularly, beautiful mauve floweryou’ll see some really impressive results and your beauty routine might simplify so that — if you use makeup — you can entirely ditch your foundation, etcetera some days . And sometimes using the right tools can help with self-massage or make your session more effective.

Better Skin Tone and Texture the Natural Way

When you’re getting regular massages, your circulation increases and lymphatic fluid is able to move more easily through your body. This helps to fill your skin with the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and to look great. Another of the great benefits of massage for skin texture is that your massage therapist often uses oils and creams on your skin that are incredibly nourishing.

Olive oil, for example is full of phytonutrients and vitamin E. While one of the chief benefits of massage with olive oil is that it relieves dryness, your skin also soaks in all of the nutrients in the oil and puts them to good use. Don’t worry your massage therapist won’t overuse oil as that would be messy and uncomfortable especially as far as facial massage technique is concerned.

Less Cellulite

While your massage is getting your lymphatic fluids moving, those fluids and nutrients are filling in dimples under your skin, also known as cellulite. There’s no cure for cellulite, but one of the benefits of Swedish massage is that regularly having massage sessions is that the cellulite becomes less and less visible with each massage. Eventually, you won’t even notice the cellulite any longer and no one else will, either.

Healthier, Shinier Hair Without Conditioner!

You’ve probably guessed this already, but with increased blood flow comes good things, especially when it comes to beauty. So another of the benefits of body massage is that your scalp and your hair are getting more blood flow, too, so your hair and scalp are going to be healthier and happier by default. This is excellent if you’ve been having problems keeping your scalp and hair properly moisturized or if you’re having issues with oily hair. Getting that balance back in place is essential for healthy hair.

A Good Massage Reduces Toxins: You’ll Feel Better and so You’ll Look Better

As your body is increasing its circulation and getting lymphatic fluid pumping, it’s dropping off nutrients. But one of the other jobs of your blood and your lymphatic system is to pick up toxins and drop them off where your body can remove them.

So as you’re getting a massage, your body is also flushing away toxins and other problematic substances from everywhere in your body. One of the benefits of deep tissue massage is that it really works into the deepest parts of your muscles and helps to remove toxins from those areas that may not get as much blood flow as they need to get in order to stay optimal.

Can Reflexology and Foot Massage Do Any Good?

You may think that you have to constantly get full body massages to get all of these benefits, but that’s just not true. If you have only a little bit of time, look into reflexology. This is the science of massaging specific parts of your feet in order to get results in other parts of your body. So the biggest benefits of foot massage could be that you help to keep your whole body feeling and looking great, even when you can’t get a full body massage.

Now that you know how massage can help you to look your best, it’s time to get out there and book one for yourself.

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